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Our 365GlobalCompliance© software enables Hotels to be Health & Safety compliant in every department 365 days of the year and in “real time” Our software also incorporates the most powerful marketing tools in the industry to date as it links consumers directly to hotels.

There is nothing that comes even close to it. So feel free to search the internet, but believe us when we say, we stand alone with the most innovative compliance software available today. If you own a Hotel or chain of Hotels why not arrange a meeting with us at a time and place of your convenience and see how we can turn your health & safety overheads into profits and enable you to be always compliant.  

Our confidence is such that WE GUARANTEE IT!!!  

Why not contact us directly by calling …

07538 210 345 (Peter) or 07843 379997 (James) and we will be happy to help.

If you want to request that we visit your premises and provide you with a FREE Consultation Quote that’s fine.

We will only ever ask that you cover our travel expenses.

About Us

We provide pro-active and paperless health and safety software that Educates your front-line staff as they fulfil their safety obligations and your expectations by using simple tried and tested form-ticking processes and mobile technology.

Our software is known as 365GlobalCompliance© and being membership-based it allows registered members full access to all our cleverly formatted checklists.

The system itself is time-saving and cost-effective, able to turn your overheads into profits. Our software can also enable your hotel to be compliant 365 days of the year in every department and in Real Time. Each submission creates a verifiable document that can be accessed on demand if required by law agencies, hotel inspectors or auditors, all at the touch of a button.

Not only do Hotel owners benefit from our unique internal Health & System, but the 365GlobalCompliance© software has attached to it the most powerful marketing tools in the industry to date, linking customers to hotels.



We are very proud to be partnering with Hotel Tech Live, the largest event organizers for the hotel industry in Europe.

An article is being featured that summarises what we are all about.

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The 365GlobalCompliance© software is compatible for all industries 

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Included in our paperless compliance tools are Health & Safety Compliance in the Workplace, Food Safety Compliance, Food Delivery Compliance, Food Hygiene Compliance, Hand Washing Compliance, Licensing Compliance, Fire Safety Compliance, Property Audit Compliance, Cleanliness, Toilet Checks, Incident & Accident reporting, Fit for work DeclarationL8-compliant legionella risk assessment and control and much more.

Our Service:

The Hotel Compliance company provide online paperless tools preloaded onto the Kindle Fire and ready to help all in the hospitality industry become complaint in the easiest possible way.


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Members Benefits & Features:

  • The 365GlobalCompliance© compliance software is time-saving
  • The 365GlobalCompliance© enables businesses to be compliant 365 days of the year and in real time
  • Powerful marketing tools link consumers to Hoteliers
  • Completely Paperless and extremely cost-effective
  • We provide a pre-loaded Kindle Fire with our software, that is all good to go
  • Participation is verified, date and time stamped and measure up to BS and H&S standards
  • Increases H&S awareness and education
  • Each electronic submission creates its own legal document
  • Each submission is geolocation Identified
  • Unlimited Cloud Storage

Hotel Business Proposal:

About Us

The new classification, 365GlobalCompliance©, within the hospitality industry, is a proactive health and safety system that complements the 5-Star hotel rating.

In brief, this means that the use of our technology will facilitate the implementation of safe routines that prevent, rather than react to, accidents within your industry.

Your unique QR code is generated by us and can be printed on your marketing literature, or displayed on your business premises and website

With a simple mobile scanner, every stakeholder in your company is made aware of your health and safety status. This includes staff, suppliers, auditors and most important, clients. They will see a non-intrusive health and safety report in real-time.
(An in-depth report is available to whom it may concern on demand.)

It has the ability to become the most important tool in your marketing toolbox.
And to do all this? It’s many times simpler yet more comprehensive than anything you employ at the moment.
Each form submission takes moments and creates a document that is verifiable and time stamped. These form submissions can be relied upon when dealing with law agencies or health & safety governing bodies.

Implementation of our 365 Global Compliance technology will increase your staff’s health & safety awareness and education giving them a more responsible role in the company’s well-being and protecting the staff and public.
The Business Proposal is as follows:

We are looking for hotels to use our 365GlobalCompliance© technology and they can expect free support for 1 month. This will allow time for all users to become familiar with our product and its features and for us to tweak the product to suit your company’s bespoke requirements. In return, we would appreciate feedback about you feel we could improve our product.

Price is on application and is dependent on your requirements.

Got to Application Form

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